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Our Research driven innovation is the greatest stimulus, which enables us in developing and delivering to various High-Tech Industry verticals, for their advanced Materials & Specialized Chemicals requirements.

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VIVANacl is Trusted by Global Enterprises and Innovative high-end Product development companies, for enabling them to have an “EDGE” (Emerging Dynamics in Generating Excellence” in their high-tech product deliveries.


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  • We @ VIVANacl, bring the spirit of innovation "Chemistry is our Life"

  • We offer exceptional value proposition of "Lab to Supply Chain" enabling our clients to stay ahead.

  • Our advanced solutions enabled our clients to have "an EDGE" in the Market place.

  • We @ VIVANacl help our Clients, through our "high-end & high-performance" Material Sciences.

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  • We offer exceptional value proposition of "Lab to Supply Chain", which enables our Clients to stay ahead, in their high-end product offerings of Chemistry and Material Sciences.

  • We @VIVANacl, bring the spirit of innovation through the application of advanced sciences of Chemistry & "Chemistry is our Life".

  • Our advanced Chemistry solutions in Synthesis and Innovative Product Development, enabled our clients to have "an EDGE" in the Market place.

  • In the world of advanced technologies, A brisk right move is essential to keep ahead of competition, that itself makes it a phenomenal progressive step. We @VIVANacl help our Clients in this step, through our high-end & high-performance Material Sciences.

  • Our Innovation & High-performance material development team @VIVANacl, works on advanced Chemistry to provide best in class solutions in line with Global Operative Standards.

CSR Initiative

Impacting Society & Planet

  • LAYA (Life And Your Aspirations)

    LAYA a word in the language Telugu stands for "Rhythm".

    This process of LAYA is to bring out the "Rhythm" in the life of deprived children by creating a pattern of life for them, making them feel wanted like any other child and giving them a fair choice to live life.


    Simple Human Responsibility Under Thoughtful Institution

    This process of SHRUTI is to bring the "Tune" into the surroundings of our life. Mainly the focus is on the Environment and Educating the people on the aspects of the right kind of living to preserve the environment.


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