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Unveiling Our State-of-the-Art Facility in Southern India

The Manufacturing Facility is located in Southern Part of India is Multipurpose fully integrated state of the art manufacturing facility and equipment, suitable for bulk manufacturing of multistep products, since we have the process of handling varied reactions, the appropriate infrastructure to handle the challenges with the capabilities that we have acquired over a decade of business practices and operations in Manufacturing.

The Facility has been Audited and Approved by our esteemed GLOBAL CLIENTS and carry below Certifications of the facility: ISO 9001-15001 & ISO 14001-15001 & in the process of heading forward for GMP Certification from regulatory body. A state-of-art Pilot Plant, which gives it a competitive advantage for our Manufacturing capabilities & CRAMS offerings.

Pilot plant is a major step forward in product development process optimization, it is designed to validate and develop innovative processes which would enhance the performance of chemicals that matches specific needs of customers across various industrial verticals.

Multipurpose fully integrated state of the art manufacturing facility and equipment enables production of Specialized chemicals, advanced precursors & Key high end chemical materials from few kilograms to tens of tons quantities. The plant encompasses a wide range of reactors and downstream equipment, in both continuous and batch regimes, across the entire range of scale-up volumes.

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