Specialized cCRS

Elevating Industries with Advanced Chemical Contract Research Services

@VIVANacl, we provide cCRS (chemical Contract Research Services), a complete solution provider for complex and challenging chemical synthesis, for projects of novel (or) commercially not available compounds.

This is a specialized Chemical Synthesis and development division, works on high-end developmental work, for various industry vertical clientele, around the world.

We provide from route scouting service for entirely new molecules via first batches of the substance to the validated scalable synthesis protocols.

Our chemistry capabilities range from various complex heterocycles, Synthetic Chemistry, Process Chemistry, Library Design Synthesis, high purity standards, metabolites, prodrugs, targeted compound libraries, to known and novel compounds.

Through cCRS, we have provided fully integrated and standalone Chemistry solutions, for various industrial verticals, like Pharmaceuticals, Life Sciences, Electronic Industries, Solar Cell & OLED Industries, Agrochemicals, Specialty Chemicals Industries and Research & Academic Institutions.


Features of cCRS from VIVANacl.

  • We match YOUR exact product requirement, by high-end Chemical synthesis.

  • We continually upgrade our technologies, in Chemistry.

  • We strive to deliver, Products within effective timelines.

  • Ensuring high Quality Standards, enables success of YOUR high-end projects.

  • Our Quality, will enhance YOUR product development & portfolio standards.

  • We Save your time and effort on YOUR important Projects.

  • Enabling YOU with “Process Efficiency” & “Process Development”.

  • Catering to YOUR Supply Chain Requirements of developed products.

  • Enhancing YOUR productivity & performances

Our aim is to make YOU competitive & successful in YOUR high-end Project endeavours & provide the EDGE that is required.

We continually upgrade our R&D capabilities & latest Chemical Technologies . This continual effort enables us to derive exceptional value to our Clientele around the world.