Nurturing Excellence

Employee Stock Option Plan/s for VIVANians:

We are privileged & honoured in rendering our Responsibility towards our Associates through, “VIVANacl ESOPs”, by setting aside 5% of the stake of the Company, it has been pledged for this specific purpose only.

It’s an acknowledgement towards our Associates, Star performers, Value Creators and contributors at various Roles, in this successful journey of VIVANacl. In fact, few of our Associates from VIVANLS are also considered for this option.

We believe that it's in tune with our punch line of "Infinite innovation", which encompasses our commitment to improve at every point of our Business operations. We @VIVANacl, indeed rendering a BIG Thank you to Performers & Contributors of growth for the organization, with committed values of VIVAN group.

In our way of being and our Business operations, VIVAN considers Associates as most important, to the extent of “Associates First approach”, where our Associates are first and top priority for VIVANacl.

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