What is VIVAN?

"VIVAN" as a word stands for “Full of Life” in the language ‘Sanskrit’.

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It also has the meaning of “ New Beginning” in ‘Sanskrit’

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“Full of Life, Alive, Lively…” in ‘Latin’

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It also stems from the ‘English’ word, which means “Strength”.


VIVANacl’s Logo Colours

Our logo depicts the joy of humans in the framework of science / chemistry.

Definition of

Yellow Color

Yellow is stimulating and is associated with intellect with the expression of thoughts that is dedicated to great pursuits.

Moreover, yellow helps people become more organized and to adopt an optimistic attitude with judgment and the capacity for decision-making something one can appreciate in any room.

This emphasizes VIVAN’s thrust on ‘Research Driven Knowledge Management’ and it’s ‘Quality Deliverance’.

Definition of

Maroon Colour

Maroon is a very powerful colour, associated with a high level of energy and stimulation and peace. This colour has a close resemblance to red-brown which is associated with the colour of mother earth.

Red-brown is usually obtained from clay and is therefore associated with healing (aptly fits with "Life Sciences" work that we do ) and the power to repel malevolent spirits. It goes hand in hand with adjectives such as warm, and sensual and it denotes controlled and more thoughtful action

We positively imbibe these qualities in our way of being, both at our work and also in our CSR to make a positive difference to the society, that we live in.

In tune with the above, we have “ Infinite Innovation” as a punch line for our Logo.

We @VIVANacl, offer wide range of specialized Advanced Chemicals and Materials that enable Complex and Upgraded transformations in New Product Development.