Ethical Foundations

Guiding Principles and Vision for a Resilient Future

With clearly defined strategic goals, VIVANacl strictly follows Corporate Governance at various levels, in tune with the intention of going to public by year 2030.

Within the company, there is no discrimination based on nationality, culture or religion, and gender. We are an equal opportunity employer, and intensely follow fair employment practices. In fact, we term our Employees as Associates, emphasizing on sense of belonging from either ends.

The continual improvement of health protection, safety and the environment is an integral part of VIVANacl's strategy. VIVANacl will always practice good ethical propositions in it's Business Process, and avoids any of the work done by children in its operations in any form, and follows labour act strictly.

Guiding Governance

Governance of Management Board

The role of the Management Board of the Company is regulated by legislation of the Republic of India, principally embodied in the Companies Act. It is also regulated by VIVANacl’s corporate by-laws.

The main task of the Management Board is to represent the best interests of the Company taken as a whole, to ensure the growth and maintenance of a successful business.

All members of the Management Board are having a wide range of knowledge and experience, which they contribute to t Board are having a wide range of knowledge and experience, which they contribute to the Management Board's deliberations.

The Management Board has Founder Director on its Board & VIVANacl is a privately held company, at this point in time.

  • All the directors and auditors explain their reporting responsibilities in financial reports.

  • Interim and other price sensitive reports are balanced and understandable.

  • And financial reports are on a "going-concern" basis, including an explanation of assumptions and qualifications.

  • Abides by code of conduct on Business ethics, and it is strictly followed.

  • Abides by the Law of the land, and will never transgress to have any unfair advantage.

Guided by Integrity

Organizational Governance in General

One of the most important characteristics of a successful company aiming to generate value for itself and the clients is its intention, as well as skilful members of the Management Board, who protect the best interest of the Company and to achieve the long-term objectives of the Organization as a whole.

The work of the Management Board is regulated by the Company's corporate by-laws and Business ethics.

The Management Board (in its own capacity) is responsible for ensuring that the Company is run with integrity, complies with legal and regulatory requirements and best practice and conducts its business in accordance with high ethical standards.

Members of the Management and Advisory Board including Strategic & Scientific Advisory Board (SSAB) will not disclose confidential information about the business activities of VIVANacl to third parties (other than to VIVANacl ‘s legal or financial advisers).

VIVANacl has adopted a Code of values and Principles contained in the Listing of VIVANacl's Value System and Principles will always be practiced in to our way of being. The Company will maintain an objective and professional relationship with its auditors.

VIVANacl has its internal ESOPs (Employee Stock Option Plan) that would be effective from the end of five years of inception of VIVANacl. It’s an acknowledgment towards our Associates, Star performers, Value Creators, and contributors at various Roles, in this successful journey of VIVANacl.

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