IPR Practices

Empowerment Through Ethics

In this process of providing this advantage, we follow strict code of conduct in IPR and secrecy protection, to protect the interests of our Client’s Plans of development.

VIVANacl will not offer products at respective locations where the product is enjoying patents, and strictly adhere to Intellectual property rights and honours the same.

Building strategic relationships in the area of advanced Chemicals & Materials, having clear procedures and policies regarding confidentiality.

Typically, VIVANacl signs Confidentiality Agreements, NDAs & ensures clarity in its operations in every possible front.

VIVANacl strives to understand customer needs far beyond that of its competition, to match this understanding with an ability to respond rapidly with superior products and operational effectiveness that go significantly beyond customer expectations, thereby providing the EDGE to our Clientele, that is required to stay ahead of competition.

Client-Centric Approach

Commitment to Client Confidentiality and Ethical Excellence

In order to achieve its strategic objectives, we continuously strive to improve its internal competencies, as far as IPR is concerned. These include

  • Signing of Confidentiality Agreements

  • NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreements) where Client needs to protect the Project Plans

  • Single point of Contact for all Project discussions

  • We Follow the coding system internally, to safe guard the details of product & also the Client

  • Ensuring, no conflict of interest while working on different developmental Projects.

Hence, we ensure that, every contract that we sign will have a very comprehensive intellectual property section to deal with and avoid any conflict of interest with any other client.

At VIVANacl, our confidentiality agreements typically include specific provisions for sending all confidential information to one named person within our business.

We @VIVANacl, offer wide range of specialized Advanced Chemicals and Materials that enable Complex and Upgraded transformations in New Product Development.