To be a highly respectful innovative Global enterprise , in Technology Intensive Advanced Chemicals & Materials space.

Our Vision

Infinite Innovation

We stand for “Infinite Innovation” understanding that, its mandatory to innovate constantly, especially in high-Tech Product Development Industry, to have an EDGE.

Our aim is to be a growing Global Specialty Materials Company, driven by constant innovation with the strong volition of keeping our Clients from high-Tech Industry ahead of their competition, enabling them to have an EDGE. Aim is to provide that competitive advantage, constantly!

Our vision sets out the framework and objectives for the future, which directs every individual and Teams @VIVANacl, towards achieving the set goals.

“Infinite Innovation” is an attitude @ VIVANacl

enabling us to deliver cutting edge advanced Materials and Chemicals, which in turn helps in producing innovative Next Generation products by various High-Tech Industries.