Innovation Lab

VIL, VIVAN Innovation Lab @VRDC

VIVAN Research & Development Centre has a vital role in the success of VIVAN ACL. Being a Technology Intensive Advanced Materials & Specialized Chemicals Company. VRDC is a “State of Art” Research facility with the latest equipment and is managed by a pool of skilled scientists. The R&D efforts are directed towards developing Advanced Materials & Specialized Chemicals, catering to the various High-Tech Industry verticals.

  • Resins & Polymers Industry.

  • Semi-conductor Industry

  • Defence & Electronics Equipment Manufacturing Companies.

  • OLED & Display Industry

  • Electronics Chemical Industry.

  • Specialized / Speciality Chemical Companies.

  • 5G Technology Chemicals.

  • Advanced Materials & Chemical Research Companies.

  • Aerospace Industry

  • Automobile Industry

  • Innovative Product Development Companies that

  • High-end technology and Product Innovation Companies.

Our R&D capabilities :

Our R&D is capable of developing and synthesizing molecules from milligram up to kilo levels.

We undertake challenging & complex chemical synthesis based on specific Client’s requirements, mostly unique and innovative with Technological prowess.

We have developed a number of products and specialized projects for several reputed Global Companies from Japan, South Korea, USA & Europe and also for well-known Product Development Research Laboratories. Ensured, complete Confidentiality and Exclusivity, where ever its required. Many times, this becomes priority, as Clients wants to retain their competitive advantage through the developments @VIVANacl.

Scaling up capabilities :

Our Integrated R&D facility has an pilot / scale up set up where milligram molecules can be scaled up to kilogram levels.

And later tonnage levels at the Manufacturing Plant. A complete supply chain from innovative Lab level development, to huge quantity requirements, as per required standards.

We @VIVANacl, offer wide range of specialized Advanced Chemicals and Materials that enable Complex and Upgraded transformations in New Product Development.