Fostering Positive Change

VIVANacl's Commitment to Social Responsibility and Human Development

We deliver it with unstilted support from each individual in the Organization, which is a motivational factor at higher end of Human needs for each individual, that they are part of an effort which is intended to make positive difference in the lives of under privileged.

VIVANacl sees itself as a catalyst of change, which will foster, develop and promote initiatives at individual, group and organization levels that attempt sustainable development of surroundings by individual groups and society at large.

We are privileged to take the honour of rendering our responsibility towards the society, hence we don't call our work in this front as Social service, and rather we prefer to call it as "Social Responsibility", and truly believe in the concept of making a positive difference to the society where we live in.

VIVANacl is firm in its commitment to social responsibility and considers Human and Social Development as an integral part of our working process, aiming to make a difference in people’s lives.

CSR Initiative

Impacting Society & Planet

  • LAYA (Life And Your Aspirations)

    LAYA a word in the language Telugu stands for "Rhythm".

    This process of LAYA is to bring out the "Rhythm" in the life of deprived children by creating a pattern of life for them, making them feel wanted like any other child and giving them a fair choice to live life.


    Simple Human Responsibility Under Thoughtful Institution

    This process of SHRUTI is to bring the "Tune" into the surroundings of our life. Mainly the focus is on the Environment and Educating the people on the aspects of the right kind of living to preserve the environment.


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